We believe you don't have to talk with 20 different people when you call the same company. That is the reason our service has been designed in a totally opposite direction. One call, one service executive, all your requirements fulfilled. Easy, quick, and simple, enjoy the satisfaction to be able to book at once, from hotels to entertainment through a phone call, SMS or even WhatsApp™.

Being a client of WORLDPASS allows you to choose among over 300,000 hotels worldwide, 142 incredible tours or private planes. You can book also broadway shows, sport events, and concert tickets. We take care of your vacations!
Are you interested in traveling to an exotic destination enjoying a tailored package? What do you think about getting discounts in commercial airlines? What about booking a private jet? Do you want tickets for exclusive sports activities? With WORLDPASS, you can obtain this and more.

We do what a website cannot: we offer you the service of personal travel executives that have been in the places where you wish to travel. For example, if you plan on going to Thailand, you will be able to speak with an expert that will inform you about the best options available so that you find a hotel stay and enjoy the tourist destination to the máximum.

In WORLDPASS we choose the executives from among many world travelers; that is why you will get answers from people who know those places in 8 languages, 365 days a year.

WORLDPASS has gathered an ensemble of talented travel experts and consultants to design, build, and deliver WORLDPASS products and solutions necessary to make WORLDPASS a reality. They are passionate. They have the experience. They're dedicated to making WORLDPASS a great place to work. They’re an engaged and a helpful Board of Directors supports them. And they love working with customers.
Maru Moreno
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Maru Moreno, Co-founder and CEO of WORLDPASS, one of the fastest growing online travel companies in the world. Maru has led the company to twelve consecutive years of constant sales and customer growth. Prior to WORLDPASS, Maru specializes in travel services and sales becoming a pioneer in vacation club operations, software and sales solutions. Maru’s passion for travel ignited the dream to create WORLDPASS offering clients the opportunity to own the world with the best in vacation experiences available.
“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” – Anaïs Nin
management team
Alejandro Espejo
Head of Strategy and Product Innovation
Alejandro Espejo is WORLDPASS Chief Development Officer and is responsible for leading the company on new products strategy, design and engineering. Prior to WORLDPASS, Alejandro spent six years researching the analysis and exploration of multidimensional databases, culminating in WORLDPASS’s large scale booking engine. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from ITAM. Alex’s early career as a communications engineer helped him see the problems with existing analytical tools. “I remember working with clients and their frustration due to waiting weeks to collect information. This made me realize the importance of make data available to users quickly".
“Innovation is hard because solving problems people didn´t know they had & building something no one needs look identical at first” – Aaron Levie
Vanessa García
The Delivery Distribution Center (DDC) Customer Care Executive
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